10 nutrition myths that we need to stop believe(Number 4 will suprise you)

10 nutrition myths that we need to stop believe(4 will suprise you)

1.If you eat fats you will gain weight.

But low fat diet has brought more harm than good since it were promoted in 1970’s because that increased the buying of “low” fat products that contains trans fats which increase the risk of obesity,diabetes and heart disease.While it might be logical that you should gain weight by eating fats because 1 gram of fat have 9 calories not all calories are created same,and we also have healthy and unhealthy fats,and in this article we are talking about healthy fats like avocado,nuts,almonds,coconut and others.Actually studies show that high fat low carb diet have better results in weight loss then
diet with low fat.[1,2] It is important to understand that primary reason for obesity is excessive consumption of sugar especially high fructose corn syrup and processed grains which have a similar effect on the body as sugar.And this is what actually what dose “low” fat products contains.Because the fat is removed or lowered from those products that food lose it’s taste and companies use sugar and other artificial sweeteners to compensate on that.

2.Soy is healthy

Products from soy which are not fermented are not healthy and can couse health problems for man and women.In most media you will hear that soy is healthy but there are more studies that couses completly oposite that soy is causes indigestion, decrease the immune system, thyroid dysfunction, thyroid, reproductive disease and infertility and even cancer and heart disease.And let’s leave that aside, you should know that about 90% of soy is actually genetically modified(GMO) and that GM foods have it’s health risks.The organic and fermented soy have some health properties.The example of those fermented products are miso, tempeh and nato.

3.Eggs aren’t healthy

Eggs are perhaps the healthiest food in the world! This claim is based more on the yolk then the egg itself,because the scientist thinked that egg yolks increases cholesterol in the body.But the studies actually shows the opposite, namely that eating eggs does not increase the bad cholesterol.Participants of the research ate two eggs a day for six weeks. [3] Eggs can help us in losing weight. [4] The eggs are very healthy foods and contain
-4 To 6 grams of protein and contain all the essential amino acids
-Eggs are good for your eyes because they contain lutein and zeaxanthin,antioxidants that may be protect our eye lens and retina
– Have a very good source of choline (one egg contains 300 micrograms), which are a family of B vitamins and help to regulate nervous and cardiovascular system.Choline is especially useful for pregnant women because it have positive effect on development of the brain in unborn child
-Eggs are rare foods that contain natural vitamin D
-Eggs keep healthy hair and nails, due to the high sulfur content
-Eggs also contain biotin, calcium, copper, folic acid, iodine, iron, manganese, magnesium, niacin, potassium, selenium, sodium, thiamin, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin E, and zinc

4.Grains are healthy for everyone

Many years we are listening that grains are healthy and that dietary fiber in grains are very useful.But unfortunately,whole grains and organic grains can increase insulin levels which can increase the risk of various diseases.The most of them also contains gluten to which many are allergic and some people are not even aware of it.Grains also contains antinutrients such as phytic acid and lectins which prevent the absorption of some vitamins and minerals in the body.If you have following symptoms you should be careful when consume grains

If you are overweight
If you have diabetes
If you have high blood pressure
If you have high cholesterol

If you are enough lucky that you belong to a group of people that doesn’t have problems with insuling resistance,then you can eat grains in moderation.But it is know that body changes over the years,so what is good for you at the moment in 10/20 years can become problem because growth hormone decreases and mode of exercise is changed.

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5.Pasteurized milk is healthy


This is maybe the most old lie that is constantly present but unfortunately it is far from the truth.Conventional health agencies also refuse to introduce the public to the real problems related to the use of antibiotics and growth hormones used in production of conventional pasteurized milk.Problem with pasteurized milk occurs because after pasteurization milk actually changes the structure and such milk can cause allergies and immunological problems.Important enzymes, such as lactase destroyed during pasteurization which leads to that that many people have problems with milk digestion.In addition the nutritinal value of milk is lowered,the amount of vitamins A, C, B6 and B12 is lowered and proteins from milk become unnatural amino acids that can harm your health.This also applies to organic pasteurized milk.Eradication of beneficial bacteria through pasteurization process also stops promoting pathogens instead that protects you from them.A healthier alternative to pasteurized milk is raw milk which is an excellent source of nutrients including beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus.

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6.If you consume too much protein you will have problems with bones and kidney

The fact that proteins secreted calcium from the bones is correct but this is only in the short term but if we are speaking on long term studies shows the opposite effect.So long-term consumption of protein is associated with better bone health and lower the risk of fractures. [5,6]

Additionally research shows no correlation with the high consumption of protein and kidney disease in healthy persons. [7,8]

Specifically,the two factors that have negatively affect on the kidneys are diabetes and high blood pressure and it is iron to say that a high protein diet improves these two. [9,10]

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7.You need to eat more smaller meals

The idea to eat several smaller meals throughout the day to keep the high level of metabolism is a myth that makes no sense.The truth is that your metabolism is faster when your body is digesting food,but the amount of food that determines how much energy (calories) you use, not the number of meals.

This is proven by the study in which one group of participants eating more small meals and the other eat ate less meals.Of course the overall amount of food was the same and it has been proven that there is no difference. [11,12]

Even one study has shown that obese people who consume six meals a day don’t have the feeling of satiety in comperation to those who consumed three meals a day. [13]Not only is it impractical to eat that often but in some cases also can be harmful.For the human body is not natural to be “full” all the time.Our ancestors didn’t have food available all the time,like we do have today.

When we do not eat for a while body activates the cellular process called autophagy, which cleanswaste products from our cells. [14] This means that fasting can be very healthy for us.

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8.Most of the calorie we consume should be carbohydrates

food pyramid

Is the food pyramid correct way of eating ? Most of food pyramids shows that most of the calories (50 to 60%) should be carbohydrates.This means that you should consume enough grains with a small
portion of foods that contain fat and proteins like eggs and meat.This diet can be actually succesful for some people,especially for those who are naturally skinny.You know that people who always complain that even if they eat too much they can’t gain weight.But for the people who are alredy overweight,have
diabetes or metabolic syndrome,this amount of carbon hydrates is very dangerous.Actually low fat dit and high carb diet is often compared with high fat low carb diet and the results are most of the time in favor of a high fat low carb diet

9.Vegetables oils are safe for use

Polyunsaturated fats are considered healthy because some studies show that they reduce the risk of heart disease.But many types of polyunsaturated fats are not same.Most importantly we have omega 3 and omega 6 omega fatty acids.

Omega 3 fatty acids have anti inflammatory effect for the entire body and reduce the risk of many diseases that are associated with inflammation.[15]

In fact what is heere important is the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.If the ratio is in favor of omega 6 that can cause problems.Most of the omega 6 fatty acids today we consume through refined vegetable oils like soybean,corn and sunflower oil .

During evolution people have never had so much sources of omega 6 fatty acids.That is unnatural for the human body.In fact there is evidence that too large a quantity of omega 6 fats increases the risk of heart disease.

Therefore, consume fish oil and avoid the use of vegetable oils.

10.Sugar is harmful because it contains empty calories


Do not get me wrong, sugar is bad but it’s not just because it contains empty calories with no nutritional value.The negative effects of sugar are much deeper than that.
Sugar, primarily due to the high content of fructose affects the metabolism to produce more body fat.Fructose is metabolized in the liver and then
it is converted into VLVL liprotin into the blood.This way you increase the amount of triglycerides and cholesterol. [16,17]

As I mentioned earlier,fructose is metabolized in the liver and therefore the body can’t limit its intake.

Theoretically our body can consume unlimited amount of fructose.Fructose also causes resistance to insulin and leptin, which can lead to obesity, metabolic
syndrome and obesity. [18,19]

Sugar is one of the most dangerous foods in our diet,in my opinion.

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10 nutrition myths that we need to stop believe(Number 4 will suprise you)
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  • Barbara Charles

    Hi. I can totally relate to many of these and the myths that surround them. Particulary with #1 – fats – needed in our diet. I know I’m allergic to Soy as are many people so we have to be healthy with it.I didn’t know that the eat 6 meals or more a day helps with the metabolism. Interesting. Good debunks. Thanks.