A cup of cocoa for better memory

A cup of cocoa for better memory

Cocoa powder

Chocolate may help in the fight against dementia,because it increase blood flow to part of the brain responsible for memory,shows the study published in journal “Nature Neuroscience.”

Research has shown that the key ingredient in chocolate – cocoa – may slow age-related memory loss.

Scientists believe that antioxidants in cocoa – flavanols, can help people in their 60s, to have a memory like a person in their 30s or 40s.

A study conducted by the Medical Center of the University “Columbia” in New York proves that memory loss,a common problem that bothers almost all older people, can be solved by small changes in the diet.

The experiment involved 37 volunteers aged between 57-69 years, divided into two groups. One group consumed daily drink with high (900 mg) dose of flavanols, a second was consumed only 10 mg per day.

After three months, the group that drank more cocoa has shown signs of faster and clearer recognition of visual tasks. Brain scans after studies showed more blood to the area known by generating fresh brain cells.

However, experts say this does not mean that people should eat more chocolate, because the product used in the experiment is made from cocoa,so that is what is recommended Рa cup of hot cocoa.

Dr Claire Walton, head of research on Alzheimer’s disease, said: “This well-organized but a small study suggests that antioxidants found in cocoa, may improve cognitive performance by increasing blood flow to a particular part of the brain. But I still do not know if such a thing can help when it comes to serious brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.”

A cup of cocoa for better memory
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