About me

Hello, my name is Mirza Sendic.I started to show interest in nutrition
and healthy life style somewhere when I was 13 years old.
There was one subject in school which now I can’t even remeber how it is
called(because I moveout from that country to another) and the book
of that subject had the a theme of a healthy diet and stuff like that.

I read the whole book and literally was obsessed with it.Why do I want to
change the diet and wanted to know more informations on nutrition and
healthy lifestyle?The I thinked that because because I wanted to look
better and live longer but also the reason was because my father had 2-3 heart
attacks and he unfortunatly diet very young,when he was 50 years old.

I emember once when my aunt was at our home,she asked me why I drink
the tea that doctor recommeneded to my dad,I said “the tea is healthier
then water because it contains that and that,and the water doesn’t
contains any calories.”
Ohhh,boy she looked me so  strange!

Also i remeber that once I was sitting with my father on the table I asked
“Dad,will I have same heart problem as you when I grow up?”

“No,son you will not” he answer to me.
I can’t say that I really belived in that at the time,but for sure
it calmed a little bit down.
My father drank and smoked and he didn’t even care about nutrition.

What I have said to that moment to myself is that I will not try
cigarettes and alcohol in my life.
I held with cigarettes (although I admit that I’ve tried) and I endured
with alcohol too,but I ocasionally drink glass of wine or something like

At 18 I started making money and every time when I entered the grocery store
I would tried to find food that is organic,have diet word in it,
or something like that because I really just wanted to eat healthy
as much as I can.

And yeah,I never mention that I was always involved with sports and when
I had 15 years I stared martial arts but that didn’t last very long.
Then I started kickboxing when I was 19 years old and I was
comparatively training japanese ju jutsu too.But after some time
I discover the martial arts that is called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
But guess what?Problem.I am living in small town and there is no BJJ
club around.The club was in another city(Skopje) which is about
100 far away then my city.
But remeber when I said you when I do something I do it till the end.
So I “fall in love” with this sport and I traveled every week
1 to 3 times just to train this sport and I am still doing that.

Beginning of my “nutritional” path actually started when I was 18 years mainly because I wanted to be bodybuilder,
which is the time before I started with kick boxing.

mirza sendic about me

This picture is from 2013
in gym of boxing club “Bargala”.

But with bodybuilding I didn’t feel chemistry because I am very compepetive person so I started martial arts.
And then really started the phase of my life when I started to eat healthy.The healthy diet was “must do”
for me couse I had to maintain my weight in order to have good performance
the competition.

Therefore, I tested my body (and I can tell you that I would go thru that process again) for all possible diets that existed.
I tried the vegetarian, vegan, Atkins, paleo, diet with low fat intake in order to see what best suits me
and to investigate all benefits from each diet separately.

I must tell you that I had a bad experience with vegan diet.I do not know exactly what year it was but I’m was trying a
vegan diet while we were in BJJ camp in Hungary.After 2 days and about 4 training sessions in the middle of training I felt
sick and because of that I went to my hotel room.
I was sitting on the
about half hour,but what I expereinced in that moment is hard to explain with words.I can only say that it was a very bad
experience that lasted less than 30 minutes.After that I decided to stop vegan diet and explore further.
After trying several diets I felt that when I am on Paleo diet I have best physical and mentall performance.

The problem with this diet is that this diet is a little bit expencive.
That is why today I eat a modified paleo diet.
I hope that in future I will follow this diet too If i am able to financially handle it.
Each my post is my opinion and I will tried to use scientific references for my opinion if I am able to find them.
I’m researching topics with the help of scientific research,
But I am neither a certified nutritionist nor doctor.So I do no want to represent myself as one.

I’ll write on on very controversial topics regarding nutrition and my mission is to help you so you can decide
to lead a healthier life with scientifically proven facts.

A little more about me:
I’m 24.I don’t have college education.I am addicted to excersizing.I love movies and hanging out.

If you want to know to ask me something or stuff like that you can visit my contact page.

In the end,I would also like to mention that I love comments and I read them all,and I also try to reply to every comment
so fell free to comment.

Hope that my English is not so bad.



  • Marilyn Torres

    I think you did awesome and thank you for being a motivar of how to maintain a healthy body. May you continue to be blessed and May God help you succeded your dreams. Best of all thank you for your honestly

    • I really appriciate your comment Marilyn and thank you! đŸ˜‰