Are eggs healthy

Are eggs healthy

Are eggs healthy

Discover the real truth about eggs!


Eggs have long been criticized because egg yolks contains cholesterol.But more then 40 years of research actually show that eggs are very healthy food.Average egg contain 70 calories and contains big amount of proteins, lutein and zeaxanthin (antioxidants that support eye health),vitamins A,D and B12,riboflavin,phosphorus and folic acid.They also contains choline which plays an important role in the development of brain function
and also there are studies that show that deficiency of choline can lead to cognitive impairment in offspring.[1]

The daily recommended dose of coalin for healthy male adults is 500 mg while for women the 425 mg.[2]

One large egg 50 grams contains about 126 mg.But it is important to note that most of choline is in egg yolk[3]

Deficiency of choline can cause fatty liver, liver damage and or muscle damage.
organ dysfunction [4,5]
DNA damage [6]

Choline plays important role in preventing heart disease, Type 2 diabetes,ostheoporosis because it reduce inflammation.[7]

Antioxidants Lutein and zeaxanthin may reduce macular degeneration and cataracts,
which are among the leading causes of visual impairment and blindness in the elderly.[8]

Studies suggest that eating 1.3 yolk a day within 4.5 weeks increases the level of zeaxanthin in the blood from 114 to 142%, and 28 to 50% of lutein.[9]

Eggs are very important if you are physically active person because they contains all amino acids which we need after the training.Proteins regenerate muscle tissue and helps muscle growth.

Many people dont know but actually eggs are among rare food that naturally contain vitamin D.The main production of vitamin D actually occur when we are under sun exposure.Vitamin D play important role in maintaining bone health.
One egg( egg yolk) contains about 41 IU of vitamin D, which is about 10% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin D.

The color of the yolk can be different and depends on chicken fed,but it doesn’t
have a big impact on the nutritional value(there is little difference in the amount of vitamin A and lutein). Egg yolk regardless of the color  contains vitamins, minerals and fats while egg white is rich source of protein and riboflavin.

Eggs contain all the essential amino acids (which the body can not produce) so they represent complete protein.[10]
Two big eggs (100 g) [11] contains 424 mg of cholesterol which 50% of daily recommended dose.
The recommended daily intake of cholesterol
is 300 mg by the American Heart Association.[12]
But as with any food you need to eat eggs in moderation.
There are studies that show that eating seven eggs per week does not increase the chances of coronary heart disease
or stroke.Which is something opposite of what information we got from mainstream media.[13]
I recommend you do eat cooked eggs because they are easier to digest[14]
and there is lower risk of salmonella [15].
Also eating raw eggs might lower the absorption of biotin because it contains compound avidin.[16]
But with cooking you will deactivate this compound.

What is the story with the cholesterol?

Many people actually don’t know but our body produce actually big amount of cholesterol,about 1 to 2 grams
daily.That is 3 to 6 more then in large egg.

The problem occurs when we dont get the cholesterol from food.You are asking why?Because then body produce actually
more cholesterol on its own.But when you eat enough cholesterol from food the body produce less of it.

There is another side of cholesterol also,the body actually needs it for function normally and it’s very important
for our body.
The cholesterol help us in production and balance of many hormones and it play important role in growth od
infants and adults.

Study from Department of Nutritional Sciences show that eating three eggs daily can lower LDL bad cholesterol
and raise HDL good cholesterol.

Here are more studies that show that eggs help raise good HDL cholesterol.[17,18,19]

So what the deal with LDL and HDL?

We call the LDL cholesterol because if we have high LDL levels and low HDL levels we will have higher
risk of heart disease because LDL will oxidize and will leak in blood vessel wall.That will cause plaques
and cause clotting which can lead to heart attacks,stroke etc.
So actually LDL cholesterol is good for us because it stabilizes cell membranes and plays important role
in producing hormones like testosterone and estradiol.This lead to lower risk of heart disease.

Are egg yolks healthy

Like you can see,actually egg yolks are healthy because they contain kaolin,Lutein,zeaxanthin and vitamin D.
Egg yolks also contain Vitamin A,Riboflavin,Folate,Vitamin B12,Pantothenic Acid,Selenium and Phosphorus
which makes them nutrition dense food.

One large egg yolk (17 grams) contain 210 of cholesterol and 2 grams of saturated fat.[20]

And guess what the latest meta analysis show that saturated fat doesn’t increase risk of heart disease.[21]

Are eggs healthy for weight loss

Consuming eggs is really healthy for weigh loss.They will not just provide you with building blocks for muscles
which burn more calories then fat but they will also help you maintain your current muscle mass.
Actually the protein food also burn 30% just for digesting food if you didn’t know.
The eggs are also ranked high on the Satiety Index [22] so they are ideal food for weight loss.

Egg contain slow releasing proteins so you will fell longer and that actually can decrease your appetite.

This is also proven in study where one group eat eggs and other eat bagels for breakfast.
The group that eat eggs had lower body weight,BMI and body fat.[23]

Eggs are also cheapest healthy food on earth.If you replace your cereals in morning with eggsyou might feel more full during the day and have more energy.Eggs also can be prepared in many different ways.

I eat daily about 3 to 5 eggs daily.How much do you eat,write in comments.


Are eggs healthy
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  • Catherine Logie

    I eat one to two daily. I like eggs and especially in the morning. One thing that is not mentioned here is that they also have Omega-3 which is important for our bodies too. For me it has protein which I need for many reasons including hypoglycemia.

    • Catherine yes they contain omega 3 but the ratio of omega 3 : omega 6 is not ideal with industrial eggs.And yeah I forgot to mention that you should consume organic free range omega 3 eggs.

      • Catherine Logie

        I should have said that I do eat organic free range eggs.

  • Johanna

    Thanks for such an informative blog post! Eggcellent work!

    • Comments like this motivate me Johanna!Thank you!

  • Belinda Whelan

    I love eggs and think that the American Heart Association is probably much like the Australian Heart Association….a load of bull. Here in Australia McDonalds gets the Heart Tick of approval. Hmm I think we know that a completely natural food like eggs has so many more healthy benefits than anything McDonalds could ever make.

    Sometimes we need to just forget what ‘marketing’ companies come up with (such as the AHA) and trust our own bodies and what works for us!

    • I would completly agree with your comment Belinda 😉