Carnivores healthier than vegetarians

Carnivores healthier than vegetarians?


Although they are less likely to drink alcohol or smoke and they are most often psyhically active vegeterians are generally less healthy than carnivores,according to the research by scientists at the Medical University of Graz.

People who expelled from their diet meat and meat products are more likely to develop physical and mental illness,according to the Austiran research that is conducted on 1,320 respondents.While vegetarians have, globally, healthier lifestyle, the overall quality of life is worse than that of people who eat meat and at the same time they more often need medical attention.

Vegetarian diet consists of foods with less saturated fat and cholesterol due to higher intake of fruits,vegetables and whole grains,yet research shows that they are more prone to the risk of cancer,allergies and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

The study included 330 vegetarians,330 people who sometimes consumed meat but also fruits and vegetables,300 people who eat balanced diet ,but consumed a small amount of meat and 330 people to who meat was one of the main ingredients in diet.

Vegetarians consumed small amounts of alcohol and the body mass index were lower,but despite those facts their general physical and mental health condition were worse.A similar results were shown in people who consumed smaller amounts of meat.It was found that people who were fed “healthier” rarely went to the systematic preventive medical examinations and often avoided vaccination,which can be one of the causes of their poor health.

The team of Australian scientists,led by Dr.Natali Burkert has rejected all suggestions according to which the study is just an advertisement for the meat industry.Dr. Burkert said that it was necessary to conduct additional research to determine what is the cause of these results.

Carnivores healthier than vegetarians
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  • Galina L.

    I am not sure that limiting vaccinations to few necessary ones and avoiding doing all recommended vaccinations is unhealthy.