Cure insomnia in the healthiest way

Cure insomnia in the healthiest way!

cherry juice

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This drink is known as a natural source of melatonin – a hormone that affects the sleep-wake cycle.

Drinking cherry juice twice a day may extend sleeping up to hour and a half,according to a new study.

Researchers from the State University of Louisiana supervised seven elderly people with insomnia,who had to drink two and a half deciliter of cherry juice twice daily for two weeks.Then the subjects were suprevised two weeks without consuming juice and two more weeks were they consumed placebo.Compared with placebo people who consumed cherry juice slept an avarage of 84 minutes longer each night.Cherry juice is generally known as a natural source of melatonin Рa hormone that affects the sleep-wake cycle,as well as the amino acid tryptophan,said study co-author,Frank Greenway,who also says:

“Proanthocyanidins,or very red pigments in sour cherry juice contains an enzyme that reduces inflammation and degradation of tryptophan,leaving it longer in your body.” Greenway estimated that a third of American adults over age 65 suffer¬†from insomnia.He belives that the juice of cherries is safer way to improve the quality of sleep than pills,especially given the lack of side effects of juice.

“Sleeping pills in the elderly are associated with four times more frequent number of falls which,at that age,can lead to fractures requiring surgery,” says Greenway.

But,if you are not a fan of cherry juice,try kiwi,because eating kiwi hour before bedtime also showed longer duration of sleep for 13 percent and reduce the occurrence of sleepwalking after just one week of regular consumption,proved a China research.

Cure insomnia in the healthiest way
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