Diet drinks are making us fat

Diet drinks are making us fat

New research shows that diet soft drinks can have quite the opposite effect on those who are trying to lose weight.

This is caused by an ingredient called phosphoric acid,which is added to sweet drinks,but research show that those who drink the diet drinks without calories consume more calories then those who drink regular sodas,writes Huffington Post.

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The study which lasted for about 10 years,was conducted on 749 adults older than 65 years.

The researchers also concluded that people who drank diet soda received an average of 2.11 inches in the waist during the study, while those who drank regular soft drinks get only 0.77 centimeters.

For this how scientists suggest, is responsible phosphoric acid which is used in other studies associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, diseases of the blood vessels.

It is known that drinks with sugar make us fat so perhaps the most important conclusion of the research is that we should be moderate,because the excessive consumption of anything, in this or that way,is bad for health.

Diet drinks are making us fat
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