Does sex improve sports performance

Does sex improve sports performance


For good sex,with a steady partner without proving, exhibition and without additional stimulants burns about 50 to 100 calories.If you think that these burned calories undermine your energy levels then you are unprepared for competition or you have physical problems.Everything else is remained psychological game.

There is no physiological evidencethat sex before sports competitions has negative impact on sports performance as well as endurance and strength.

In fact there are, but they are related to two hours before competition.And who have sex two hours before competition,any way? [1]

The myth about sexual abstinence as a tool to enhance athletic performance is a product of insufficient knowledge of physiology in the past.The ancient Greeks believed that sperm contain cerebrospinal fluid and in traditional Chinese medicine this is a divine energy.

Muhamed Ali,for example,also didn’t hasen’t have sexual activity couple weeks before a fight.The reason of this is very simple,because sex give you a sense of physical and emotional happiness,that could reduce your motivation.World champion runner Marty Liquori also said “Sex makes you happy.Happy people can’t run a mile in 3:47. ”

muhamed ali

Everyone believed that the strength and power is in sperm and if it is longer time in the body the athlete will be stronger.In the last century the main program for sexual inhibitions were substances to reduce sexual desire and erectile dysfunction,(Potassium nitrate, bromine, etc ..) in order to maintain the concentration of testosterone as a male hormone which helps in build muscle strength and endurance.

But science has definitively proven that longer abstinence drastically reduces the levels of testosterone and that sex actually encourage its production.[2,3,4,5]

Maximum aerobic power in all studies before and after sex shows no difference.[6,7]

Athletes have a higher concentration,confidence, and respect for your own body as a key to success on the sports field.

Even back in 1978 the Dutch national football team at the World Championships in Argentina came second and it was sensation that possible reason for their success is because their wifes and girls were in their campus.

With this it is avoided the mental fatigue which is more dangerous then physical fatigue.Interesting information is that last year in London were used 150 000 condoms.[8] The story about sex the day before competitions is an excellent anti-stress treatment and a good relaxant that provides a peaceful sleep.Sexual activity after competition
promotes physical and mental relaxation.The psychological effect of sex on any sports activity and you is your own problem.If you think that sex before competition will relax you then it should be part of your sporting agenda,but if you think that it will hinder you,avoid it.

Does sex improve sports performance
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