Does whey protein make you fat

Does whey protein make you fat if you don’t workout

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Those who want to lose weight or gain muscle mass certainly have heard of whey protein.Already many people have used whey protein as a dietary supplement that helps them achieve the body they want.However, there are people who think or wonder whether they can gain weight by the use of whey protein if they don’t workout?

To answer to this question I will first try to explain what is whey protein.Whey protein is a mixture of proteins obtained from the processing of whey (which is otherwise obtained in the production of milk).There are actually studies showing that whey protein improves insulin sensitivity showing that whey protein improves insulin sensitivity [1] and prevent cancer.[2]

Read about health benefits of whey protein and side effects of whey protein if we consume too much of it.

Whey protein is acutally popular among scientis because every now and then there are new studies which show health benefits or side effects of whey protein.There are some reports that recommend whey protein for threatment for some diseases.

Today,whey protein is sold as dietary supplements and it is mostly used for bodybuilders.Although people who shouldn’t use whey protein are peole with lactose intolerance.However the main allergen in whey protein is casein usually.

Whey protein has transformed over the years.In the past it was used mainly by bodybuilders,but today it is used by almost all professional athletes or people who want to be healthier and look better.Whey protein contains all amino acids(which the body can not produce) which means that is complete protein.Foods like quinoa, meat, eggs, milk and dairy products are complete proteins.

When it comes to high-quality protein, whey protein is easily one of the best sources which helps to build muscle mass and burn calories.It also have great bioavailability (Which means it is absorbed very good in our body) in comparison with other sources of protein.It is also very convenient for using because it is in powder form and
can be prepared with a shake in within two minutes.

Although there are claims that whey protein stimulates the body for fat storage,because it increases the insulin levels,unlike other sources of proteins.But this is very small number when we compare it with carbohydrates,which if used in excessive quantities will certainly affect far more on insulin levels.

This means as long as you know when and how much whey protein to use you will not gain unwanted weight.

But let’s get back to the point of our story,would we gain weight if we consume whey protein but don’t workout? It is important to note that the consumption of any kind of macronutrients (fat, protein and carbohydrates) in large quantities will lead to weight gaining.The body consumes a certain number of calories during the day regardless of
whether we exercise or not, and this process is called basal metabolic rate.On this link you can calalculate your BRM to see how much calories you should consume daily.This means that if consume more calories then we need,those calories will turn out into fat.Using logic this means that people who wan’t to lose weight should spend more calories then they consume.

My point is that you will not gain weight if you use whey protein in optimal doses.Because that would be same if you say that eggs whites will make you fat.

Why I say that?Well, because the nutritional value of eggs and whey protein is almost identical.Let’s make a comparison of the nutritional value of eggs and whey protein.

From the table we can conclude that we need about 5 eggs to consume the same amount of protein in a whey protein cup.Which means that if you are an active person,dont overconsume whey protein because excess calories are convreted into fat(most of the time).It is a different situation with active people who consume whey protein because they spend extra calories by exercising and it is known that when you have more muscle mass muscules alone burn more calories.

There are studies that show that 0.5 pounds of muscle burns about 10 calories while 0.5 fats used 2 to 3 calories, which is another reason to start with exercise and put on a little muscle mass.[3]

It should aslo be noted that people who are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes,liver and kidney disease need to be careful and should not consume more than 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.[4,5]

Does whey protein make you fat
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