Health benefits of red wine

Health benefits of red wine

red wine

We all know that excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health,but what about the red wine for which we can hear almost daily that it contains antioxidants can prevent cancer and so on.But from the nutritional side,the alcohol is worthless because it contains a lot of empty calories with no nutritional value,it can damage our liver and it have the diuretic properties.

Most of the health benefits of red wine is based on its content of polyphenols antioxidants which protect our body from toxic substances and radicals and because of these they might prevent various diseases and cancer.

Scientists believe that red wine contains a higher concentration of polyphenols than white wine.Also important antioxidant which could have many health benefits is resveratrol.

Red wine prevents heart disease

A couple of the research shows that drinking red wine may reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease.Many studies show that resveratrol has antioxidant properties, and it can even provide more effective protection than other known antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E.On the other hand rasveratol is less effective than quercetin and epicatechin,other antioxidants that can be found in wine.But the research on this matter began in 2010 on humans so there would be needed more evidence in order to perform practical conclusions.

Resveratrol in animal studies also prevents obesity in diet with a high intake of sugar and fat.[1]

Studies also show that two glasses of any alcoholic beverage increases HDL cholesterol by about 12%.The increase in HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol can help remove bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol and also reduce the amount of material available for the formation of fatty plaque.Plaque formation can further aggravated due to the antioxidant properties of red wine.The study on rabbits and mice have shown that red wine can preclude the formation and development of atherosclerotic plaque.Also the red wine educes the expression of several important enzymes that promote atherosclerosis.The final stage in atherosclerosis occurs when plaque ruptures which can lead to heart attack or stroke.Alcohol and polyphenol compounds appear to have anti anti clotting, or antithrombotic properties,which means that moderate alcohol consumption reduces the level protein blood clots, leading to the conclusion that red wine could prevent some heart diseases.However since most this research has been done on animal it is necessary to do more research on humans to confirm this.

Protection against certain cancers

A study published in 2014 found that resveratrol can prevent cancer of the head and neck.The scientists concluded that resveratrol kills damaged cells that can lead to cancer.In research done in 2009 showed that curcumin with with resveratrol could be used as a treatment or that can even prevent colon cancer.[2]

Although studies in animals have shown that polyphenols prevents the development of colorectal cancer in animals,studies in humans have shown that moderate consumption of wine does not prevent the risk of colorectal cancer.[3]

Although scientists do not know the exact name, the antioxidant in red wine known as quercetin acts again according to the American Cancer Society.In fact it helps in preventing cancer, because in this way encourages the destruction of specific types of carcinomas.[4]

Protection of dental disease

The research shows that red wine destroys dangerous bacteria in the mouth that can cause dental diseases, including cavities.[5]

It helps in weight loss

Specifically in this study, mice were given resveratrol in quantities equal of 340 grams fruits.Researchers found that even though the mice fed a diet with excess fat they increased their weight 40% less than those who didn’t consume resveratrol.The research shows that the mice were able to turn white fat in the so-called “brown” fat that reduces
the belly fat with consumption of calories.[6]


Prolongs life

Research shows that those who drink red wine have a 34% lower death rate than those who drink wine or vodka, according to a study that lasted 29 years.For this results scientist belive that is responsible polyphenol resveratrol.[7]
Conclusion: Although scientific studies have shown that red wine have some health benefits,we should never take
exessive amounts of any food,including alcohol.I would recommend you drinking 2/3 glasses of wine weekly.

Health benefits of red wine
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