Health benefits of whey protein

Health benefits of whey protein

whey protein

Lower blood pressure

The study shows that the use of whey protein (28 grams per day within 6 weeks) can reduce blood pressure in women.[1]

It prevent cancer

Scientists at Ohio State University tested how cells of prostate cancer react to whey protein.They have noted that the level of glutathione in the cells increased by 64%.Otherwise, glutathione is a form of antioxidant that prevents reproduction of cancer cells.[2]

Improve insulin sensitivity

Scientists have found that a whey protein helps control blood sugar levels.Scientists at Purdue University have concluded the consumption of whey protein is more useful then consumption of soy protein in patients with diabetes type 2.

Note: The study was made on rats.[3]

Also another study done with mice shows that whey protein positively affects insulin sensitivity.[4]

It helps in building muscle mass

Whey protein is complete protein which means that contains all the essential amino acids, especially the Leucine, which plays an important role in protein synthesis.Whey protein contains 50% more leucine than soy protein.

It helps improve athletic performance

Whey protein contains BCCA that are spend in any type of exercise.Unfortunatly the body can’t produce by itself so we need to consume them thru food.Whey protein contains BCCA that are essential for recovery and renewal of muscle tissue.Also, whey protein increases glutathione levels in the body.This antioxidant is very important but unfortunately its level decreases during resistance training(weight training).

This is quote from study

“The authors conclude that supplementing with whey protein and leucine may provide an advantage to people whose
performance benefits from increased upper body strength and/or lean body mass.” [5]

Wound healing

Proteins are part of the draw of each tissue and therefore can help build a new skin.In diet where there is no enough protein can slow down this process.

Increase bone density

This study shows that women had an increased bone density after consuming whey protein supplements.[6]

Health benefits of whey protein
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