Healthiest diet

Healthiest diet

I have received on my mail quesion of my reader which is the healthiest diet.The healthiest diet in my opinion is the
paleo diet or low carb high fat diet.

What is paleo diet ( short version )

The idea behind paleo diet is to eat how our ancestors.On this diet you are allowed only to eat raw and non processed food like meat,eggs,fruits,vegetables,nuts and seeds.Yeah this diet don’t allow eating grains.I want this to be clear,there are no sscientific evidence that this diet is healthiest diet,but what I am telling you here is my own opinion which is based on my experience and my own logic.But if you think about it,pure logic which lead to conclusion that this is healthy diet.My bad,paleo followers don’t call paleo diet a “diet” because it doesn’t las two,three,thirty days but it is meant to be lifestyle.Although adjusting to paleo diet initially is very difficult because you have to stop consuming all those processed foods, especially sugar which is very difficult for many persons.Because it it recommended that you first start eating 100% paleo for 30 days,so you can clean the body and so it can get used for this type of diet.After these 30 days you can see if you fell better or if you dont,you can stop.But if you feel better and you still have desire for “junk food” and sugar you can have one cheat meal during the week,which can be pizza,hamburger,cake.The concept behind paleo diet is really simple and that is if you eat 90% of the time food that comes from nature that can’t be bad choice,right?This might be a little unpractial because of modern lifestyle,though this will just require a better organization and preparing of food.Which is not that hard at the end of the day.Also the problem with this diet can
be that is a bit costly.But if you stop consuming sugar and processed food this will aready mean that you are on healthier diet.But I can tell you one for sure and that is if you want to succeed on this diet you will need to have very strong character! Although at the begining on the post I mention something about it,how difficult is going to be to adopt on this diet and write that because of the side effects that can appear on the begging of this diet which are chronic fatigue, apathy, depression,a strong desire for any kind of processed food or food containing sugar and similiar stuff.Good thing about paleo diet is that you will not need to count calories,which on the other side you have limited food available for preparing food.These side effects usually last about 20 do 40 days but after that period you begin to feel better.The primary goal of paleo diet is not to loose weight but to feel better.Paleo diet also higher protein intake,and you may hear from some doctors that higher protein intake can be associated with health problems I would like to tell you that the are not scientific data behind that,only if you already dont have problems with liver and kidneys.

healthiest diet paleo

In this pictures is shown food that is allowed on paleo diet

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Low carb high fat diet(LCHF) short version

I am sure you are asking yourself how the diet with high fat intake can be healhiest diet,when we all know that higher fat intake make us fat and can lead to heart problems.But not are fats are same.Let’s take for example trans frats which are often find in processed and rafined foods.Those are really bad fats,and there is nothing healthy or good about them.But fats from nuts,seeds and vegetables and fruits like avocados, olives and coconuts are very healthy for us.In fact, our body needs a certain amount of fat so ve can fumction normally.Low carb high fat diet is usually recommneded to obese people when other diet stop being effective in weight loss.But I will repeat again that I am not claiming that this diet is healhiest diet on the world,because that simple won’t be true,I am just giving you my opinion which is that this diet is one of the healthiest diets.And that is proven by researches that compared the diets with high fat and low fat intake and almost all results were showing that high fat diet is healthier then low fat diet.The low carb high fat diet show better results in lowering bad LDL cholesterol and better insulin sensitivity which means that the risk of diabetes is lower on high fat diet.What is characteristic for this diet is that you can consume whatever food you want but it only restrict the consumtion of carbs.On some versions you might count calories on some you will not.Now you can see how “strange” can nutrition and human body be.Also you can have side effects on the beginning of this diet too such as constipation, fatigue, sluggishness, but it will take several weeks until your body get used that it main energy source are ketones,which are procuduces in absence from carbs.This diet can cost a little cheaper then paleo but it can also have some negative effects like bad breathe.This is the most possible healthiest diet to loose weight.But why whe should restrict intake of carbs when we have some haalthier sources of carbs?Although there are healthier sources of carbs such as whole grains and fruits,it is know that some people have tolerance to gluten and if you overconsume fruits that can actually be very bad for your health because fructose(natural fruit sugar) in high amounts can be toxic for your body.This diet is ideal for weight loss as I said earlier, because the body in the absence of carbon hydrates,converts proteins from muscle to amino acids which are then converted to glucose,but when body finish with this process it start to use fat like source of energy.

healthiest diet lchf

This is food that lchw diet promotes.


Why I am writing text about which is the healthiest diet?

If you read the page about me then you will see that I have tried almost every diet outthere.So I would like you to note that my opinion is based on my experience and some scienitific evidence(lchw diet) but that doesnt mean that this two diets will
be best choice for your.If they dont work for your,then I would recommend you to read article how to begin eat healthy.

Healthiest diet
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  • Carin Marie

    The article is informative, thank you. Good to know that my own personal lifestyle choice is very much like Paleo; I do not use the word “diet”, either. The lack of using a spell check first, however – not something that should be overlooked when writing for the public eye. 🙂

    • Yeah I dont like word diet either,diet should be lifestyle instead.Yeah the english is not my main language but I am improving it everyday.Thank you for your support Carin,I appreciate it.

      • Carin Marie

        I understand the grammar mistakes, given that. Good luck in learning & improving English; it is difficult to learn! Looking forward to reading more informative articles.