Healthiest fruit

Healthiest fruit


This is a list of the healthiest fruits based to congenital health benefits,as well as content of vitamins and minerals, the value of the glycemic index and antioxidant content.

Acai berries

Although this is not very popular fruit it is good to know that this fruit is from Amazon forests in Brazil.This autoticlly means that this fruit is raw and organic.There are not very much studies made on this fruit and its health benefits but in this article I will mention few.It is good to know that scientist proved that even if you consume acai juice or pulp antioxidants from this fruit will be absorbed by human body.I personally like the taste of this fruit,it is like mixture od chocolate and red wine,I would say perfect taste.Because of high antioxidant content the acai is good fruit that can protect cells from damage that can lead to diseases like cancer.



Coconut is my favourite fruit.I like it in every form.Too bad I can eat it raw too much cause I don’t live in tropical area.Although this fruit is high in saturated fat,don’t worry this is actually healthy type of fat.Also coconut contains Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are not absorbed in human body like other fatty acids,they are actually absorbed very quickly in the body and be used like energy for our body.These fatty acids (MCTs) are also heart healthy and they help lower the risk of atherosclerosis and protect against heart disease.Studies made in Polynesia and Sri Lanka shows that people who consume coconut and coconut products don’t have heart problems or high cholesterol.Coconut is also high fiber fruit and have low glycemic index and because of that don’t raise sugar and actually can help in weight loss.
Note : Did you know that coconut also contain lauric acid,which is one of main fatty acids in mothers milk.


Olives are actually fruit.When we talk about olives we must say that they are great source of vitamin E,they are rich in dietary fiber and they have high antioxidant activity.They are also rich in oleic acid which is beneficial for heart health.Also polyphenols from olives can boost our memory up to 25%.If you eat 10 olives before a meal you will eat less.This is because olives are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and they also stimulates hormone cholecystokinin which is responsible to send the signal to brain of fullness.Other health benefits of olives are that they are control blood pressure,they prevent blood clots,reduce LDL cholesterol and improve HDL cholesterol.



Pineapple is great tropical fruit.It is a great source source of vitamin C which can protect us from formation of free radicals which can couse cancer.Because of water and dietary fiber they prevent constipation and improve digestion.Because it is rich in manganese pineapple can help you in strengthening bones and connective tissues.
Because pineapple is low in sodium and high in potassium it is ideal fruit for preventing high blood pressure.



Mango is fruit that is rich in beta carotene for which studies shows that protect us from prostate cancer and colon cancer.This fruit is also rich with vitamin K which is important for bone health because it play important role in calcium absorbtion.Mango is also fruit with high water and fiber content which can prevent constipation and improve digestion.They can also make us look better,because they contain high amount of vitamin A which is required for growth of all bodily tissues,including skin and hair.They also contain vitamin C which is needed for collage production,which provide structure to skin and hair.This fruit is also very alkaline for the body because it contains tartaric acid and malic acid.



Guawa is very rare fruit but very healthy.It is ideal for weight loss because it doesn’t contain sugar like other fruits,especially raw guawa.Because of high dietary fiber it also slow down the absrobtion of sugar in the blood and regulate the blood sugar.They are good for eyes health too becausr they are good source of vitamin A.One of the main reason to consume guawa is because it can prevent many cancers like prostate cancer, breast cancer, and oral cancers.I should also mention that guawa have 4 more times vitamin C then organes which are usually reffered like fruit with high vitamin C content.



Kiwi can improve your sleep.That is why I eat it before going to sleep.It can also improve digestion because it contain enzyme actinidain.Because of high content of potassium and low content of sodium it can also manage your blood pressure.Antioxidant activity from kiwi help prevent the oxidative damage of DNA cells.Scients think that his prevent cancer also.Kiwi is also les known source of vitamin C which can boost your immunity.It is also suitable for diabetics and can help in weight loss,because of its low glycemic index and high fiber content.Kiwi is one of the most alkaline fruits and because of that it is ideal for detoxifing.One of the reason I also mention this fruit in this list is that most of the kiwis are organic because they are generally safe from a lot of pesticide residues.


100 grams of fruitKiwiGuawaMangoPineappleOliveCoconutAcai
Total carbohydrates15g14g17g13g4g15g4g
Dieatary fiber3g5g2g1g3g9g2g
Total fat1g1g0g0g15g33g5g
Saturated fat0g2g30g2g
Vitamin A87.0IU624IU765IU58.0IU393IU750IU
Vitamin C92.7mg228mg27.7mg47.8mg3.3mg
Vitamin D
Vitamin E1.5mg0.7mg1.1mg3.8mg0.2mg
Vitamin K40.3mcg2.6mcg4.2mcg0.7mcg1.4mcg0.2mcg
Vitamin B60.1mg0.1mg0.1mg0.1mg0.1mg
Vitamin B12
Pantothenic Acid0.2mg0.5mg0.2mg0.2mg0.3mg
Antioxidants1.02 mmol1.02 mmol0.60 mmol3.13 mmol1.07 mmol(this value is for coconut oil couse I couldn't find
source for raw coconut)
Glycemic load5453121

Sources of nutritional data : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7



Healthiest fruit
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