How to start eating healthy

How to start eating healthy

How to start eating healthy

If you decided to start eating healthy I would recommend you first to stop consuming sugar firstly for about 10 to 20 days. This will be extremely hard I know,cause you will have sugar cravings but thats why I will give you some ideas about healthier substitution of sugar.After this period of time you can start consuming again sugar but only in one meal during the week which is often called “cheat meal”.But don’t over consume the sugar in this meal and this meal shouldn’t be more then 600 calories.

Most common question when you want to start eating healthy

Do I need to count calories and what diet should I follow?

No,absolutely not you don’t need to count calories.If you actually start eating healthy which means that you cut processed,refined food and food with sugar and artificial sweeteners.What food pyramid should I follow? I personally follow modified “food pyramid”
which consist of 30% to 40% proteins,30% to 40% fats and 30% to 40% carbohydrates.This can vary on your lifestyle cause I sometimes eat higher amount of carbohydrates if I workout that day and stuff like that.What diet is best ?
There is no such thing like best diet.All diets have some benefits.I personally follow paleo and I recommend it to others,but for some people paleo diet is not the best choice,because of that I recommend you if you want to eat healthy just start to eat real and simple food.What I mean by that is that you should eat real food like meat,fish,nuts,seeds,grains,fruits and vegetables.
And you will see that when you are eating real food there is no need for counting calories,because not calories are created equally,especially calories from HFCS and sugar is not same like from other sources like some type of fruits.
I recommend that you should eat about 80% of real and simple food and the other 20% to be from processed sources.

But how to replace the sugar?With what?

You can replace sugar with healthy substitutions like honey,stevia,coconut sugar,dates sugar.
Also you can try eating more healthy fats like seeds and nuts.Don’t worry you will not gain weight because we all know
that nuts and seeds can have more calories,but like I mentioned previously not all calories are same and actually
studies show that low carb high fat diets dont gain weight or increase risk of heart diseases.

So what are good source of healthy food?

Good source of proteins to star eating healthy are chicken,meat,fish,diary.
Good source of carbs to start eating healthy are grains,beans,fruits and vegetables.
Note : If you main goal of eating healthy is to lose weight you should avoid often consuming of high glycemic index fruits.
Good source of fats to start eating healthy are seeds and nuts.
Note : Like I previously mentioned fat doesn’t make you fat and fat is actually essential for healthy eating.
And if you want to check what really makes us fat watch this clip.

Should I eat gluten couse I saw there are some diets that say we should avoid gluten if we want to eat healthy?

I personally don’t eat gluten(I eat very little) and If you have doubts check my article are
grains healthy* and Gluten free grains*.I personally avoid gluten as much as I can because I fell better without consuming it.

I stopped to consume wheat(gluten) but when I consumed again I have cravings for wheat,is this normal?

Yes this can happen,at least it happen to me.And trust me when I say that craving for gluten was maybe higher then sugar cravings.If you experience this type of craving just wait a little or eat some other food.The craving for wheat if you eat gluten food on cheat day will pass after 30 minutes.I know you can do it!

What should you use for frying/cooking to start eating healthy?

I highly recommend you to use coconut oil,butter or ghee for cooking.For salad dressing I recommend you virgin olive oil.I just started eating healthy but I am feeling worse and I am not losing weight? Dont worry this is let’s say “normal” process during changing your diet because you were consuming a much more carbs then you needed.This will pass when your body adapts to the new healthier lifestyle.When you start eating healthy you will most probably startto loose weight(if you are overweight) but this will not last forever.After some time you will stop losing weight and this is normal process too because your body adapts to the change in our diet.

What is the deal with glycemic index and glycemic load?

The glycemic index and glycemic load actually show how certain food affect on sugar(glucose) levels in our blood.There are food that have low and high glycemic food,but high glycemic food can be also nutritional dense or just with empty calories.The food that is very bad for us like sodas,refined food and white flour products actually have high glycemic index and at the same time dont have nutritional value and that why we call them empty calories.
So when we consume high glycemic food glucose(sugar) in our blood rapidly increase and because of that secretion of insulin is higher too.Insulin is hormone which is regulating sugar(glucose) levels in the blood and when we have insulin spike it activates the process that are storing glucose(sugar) into fat.If you saw the video that I mentioned earlier you will see that every carbs that we eat is converting to glucose(sugar) which is main source of energy for our body,cells and muscles.So when we consume carbs they are firstly used like energy,and then to fuel up glycogen stores in liver and muscles and if we over consume them they are turning into fat.On the another side there are fruit like banana for example that have high glycemic index but it is nutritional dense food,which means that contains vitamins and minerals and fibers which actually slow digestion of carbs in our system.

Can I eat fruit as much as I want?

No,actually not.This is because some fruit are high in fructose which is naturally occurring sugar from fruit.The problem withfructose is that is metabolized in liver and the body don’t have mechanism to limit their limit.This means that if we speaktheoretically we could store unlimited amount of fructose.This is bad because high amount of fructose can be toxic for our

Can I drink coffee?

I personally don’t like coffee because it is stimulant.But actually there are studies that are showing that coffee is actually healthy.If you want you can consume coffee but like I mention before it should be without sugar.

What about alcohol?

You can drink a glass or two or wine or have some beer but remember that should be once in a week,which will be yours “cheat meal”.

Also I would recommend even if it is not necessarily that breakfast should be your largest meals and dinner should be your smallest meal.This is because after the dinner we are usually resting and there is no activity involved and because of that those extra carbs or calories might convert to fat.Some researches also suggest that you should use smaller plates when you eat because then you will also eat less.

And remember that this healthy eating should become your lifestyle not just for some period of time if you want to be healthier
and have healthy weight.Trust me when you lose weight and start eating healthy you will not just look better,you will also
feel better.

How to start eating healthy
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