Is canola oil bad for you?

Is canola oil bad for you?

canola oil

Canola oil is made from canola seeds that are actually a genetic variation of rapeseed.

We ofthen hear stories that this oil is unhealthy because it is genetically engineere which is true.About 90%+ canola in US is GE.

If we see the nutritional structure of this oil we can see that it contains monounsaturated fats which promore healthier heart and that this oil also contains alpha-linolenic acid,which is an omega 3 fatty acid that is good for heart health.

Canola oil also have high smoke point ( this is the temperature when oil begins to smoke and form free radicals and toxins).

So what can be the problem with this oil then?

First let start with process of making this oil.

Like all vegetables oils this oil aslo go thru through the process of caustic refining, bleaching and degumming,process which involves high temperatures and/or chemicals.Because canola oil contain omega 3 fatty acid they can easily become rancid when subjected to oxygen and high temperatures,so this oil must be deodorized.And actually process of deodorizing is removing the omega 3 fatty
acids and converst them to trans fats.1

Canola oil and health benefits

Some studies show that canola oil can lowerd the bad cholesterol LDL for up to 25%.It is important to note that most of those studies were not longer then 4 months.2,3
There are some others studies show that consuming vegetable oil on long run can increase the risk of heart disease.4,5

Are there any studies showing that canole oil is bad and unhealthy?

There are still no studies showing that but there are reports that GMO products can couse health problems.


All vegetables oils are unhealthy and canola is no exception.I would recommend you two avoid this oil because it contains oxidized fats and trans fats which we know are not good for our health.

Another reason that you should avoid is that your oil is most probally GM,and because FDA is still not labelling GMO products we don’t know are GMO products bad for our health.

If you want to use healthy oil I strongly recommend you coconut oil and olive oil.

Is canola oil bad for you?
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