Laughing is really the best medicine!

Laughing is really the best medicine!


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You’re not an optimist? Better become opistimis because with smile and good mood you will not only improve mental health but also physical health.

The new research examines the relationship between optimism and heart health in more than 5,100 middle-aged to older Americans found that optimism isn’t good only for mental health but it is also good for physical health.

Scientists from the American University of Illinois led by Rosalba Hernandez conducted a survey among volunteers aged 45 to 84 band the results showed that optimists are twice as likely for good cardiovascular health than pessimists.

“Individuals with the highest levels of optimism are twice as likely to have ideal cardiovascular health compared with pessimists,” said Hernandez, pointing out that the connection between optimism health of the cardiovascular system exists regardless of socio-demographic characteristics of respondents and their mental health.

Scientists have also found that optimistic participants in investigations have better blood sugar and cholesterol levels than pessimists. They are also more physically active,have a more ideal body mass index and less frequent smokers.

Laughing is really the best medicine!
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