Man cured bowel cancer by using cannabis oil

David Hibbitt cured bowel cancer by using cannabis oil

David Hibbitt

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The disease was diagnosed in July 2012,and after it he went to chemotherapy and radiotherapy and the part of his colon was removed.Doctors
later told him that the cancer has metastasized to the lymph nodes in the groin and that they can’t do much about it.

Since they predicted that he will leave another 18 months,David decided to try cannabis oil,which he bought for 50 pounds per gram.At the last review
in January doctors told him that he was cured.

‘Friends had told me about cannabis oil and I dismissed it at first. I’ve never been into drugs.
‘But in February last year I was told I only had 18 months to five years to live, and I felt I had to try everything I could.
‘I felt like the chemo was killing me and I had nothing to lose. I couldn’t accept I was going to die.’ he told to Daily Mail.
After he was diagnosed with colon cancer in the third stage,he was operated in 2012 in hospital in Manchester.Unfortunately, the cancer returned
and in 2013 he went to another chemotherapy.

On Christmas Day 2013, doctors were very optimistic,but David month later I felt a lump in the groin.
‘This time they told me there wasn’t a lot they could do.’

‘In July, after doing a lot of research, I got some cannabis oil. I was having chemo, and I was getting to a point where I couldn’t really do much, I had no energy.

‘In August I decided I’d had enough and I was going to stop the chemotherapy. said this 33 old year men.

In August he decided to stop with chemotherapy and to start with oil.In October at the Royal University Hospital in Stoke they removed him cancerous lymph nodes, but he
refused doctors when they told him to try again with chemotherapy.

David Hibbitt

He said that he was felling like chemotherapy is killing him and there is nothing to lose if he continues with the oil.He say that he buyed the oil from the
friend who makes it.One gram was enough for one month.
According to him,when he started to consume the oil he had the quite a strong effect,but he get used to it. Also, compared with chemotherapy was “a piece of cake.” The pain was soon stopped,
he started eating and felt much better.

“I want you to know that other people have other options available and that they are effective,” concluded David.

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Man cured bowel cancer by using cannabis oil
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  • Ramsey


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