Molecules Found in avocados destroy leukemia

Molecules found in avocados destroy leukemia


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A new study shows that avocado,except it is tasty it also contains a molecule that can help in combating acute myeloid leukemia.

Molecules,found in avocados,destroying stem cells from acute myeloid leukemia (AML),according to a study published in the journal “Cancer Research”.

Otherwise, AML is an aggressive form of cancer that kills 90 percent of affected individuals older than 65 years.

Drugs that act on stem cells are the most efficient in the treatment of disease,and lipids that are found in avocados join only a few available drugs that directly attack the leukemia cells while leaving healthy cells.

“Stem cells are largely responsible for developing the disease and that is why so many patients dying of leukemia,” said Professor Paul Spagnuolo, researcher University of Waterloo.

Although the drug is still far from being approved for use in the market,Spagnuolo is already preparing for the first phase of clinical trials.

Molecules Found in avocados destroy leukemia
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