“Monsanto” herbicide in California is marked as carcinogenic

“Monsanto” herbicide in California is marked as carcinogenic


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The California Department of Environmental Protection (CalEPA) intends to signify four chemicals, including “glyphosate” popular herbicide and a key ingredient “Monsanto” program for the cultivation of crops “Roundup”, as carcinogenic, according to “Russia Today”.

Glyphosate would therefore been placed in a period of 30 days to the list of chemicals known to cause cancer and which are classified under the Law on security and safety of drinking water in 1986.
Under that law,companies need to out warning on the products that poses a threat to human life before it is exposed to other people.

In March, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified glyphosate like possibly carcinogen and all of that was rejected by Monsato.

Monsato started using glyphosate in 1974 to use a broad spectrum herbicide that kills weeds, especially broad-leaf and grass which prevent commercial crops.

In the US the herbicide was declared safe in 2013, when the “Monsanto” has received approval from the US Department of Environmental Protection.

However, a study published by an international team of scientists found that long-term intake of “Monsanto” herbicides, even in small amounts, can cause kidney and liver damage.

In a recent report from by the Center for Food Safety said that the vast popularization and widespread use “of Monsanto’s” agents “Roundup”, whose main ingredient is glyphosate,is linked to extinction of 90 percent of the population of monarch butterflies, which are one of the main natural pollinators.

This decision of the California Department of Environmental Protection was welcomed with enthusiasm by natural science activists.

“California take significant steps to protect people and wildlife from toxic pesticides” said Dr. Nathan Donli, a scientist at the Center for Biodiversity.According to him, more than 113 million pounds of glyphosate are used annually in the United States and it is clear that poses a threat to human health and wildlife.

“It has long been supposed to curb the use of glyphosate, which is out of control” said Donli.

“Monsanto” herbicide in California is marked as carcinogenic
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