My list of cheap healthy food

My list of cheap healthy food


The first thing that I have on my mind when someones mention cheap healthy food are eggs.Eggs are maybe most nutritionally dense food on the planet.They are great source of proteins,they contain good source of healthy fats and they almost don’t contains
carbohydrates.Every cell and muscle in our body need protein so the eggs are good choice of food for that.The “problem” that many of us have is eating yolk,but actually that is also another myth about eggs.Yolk is actually healthy.


Oats are food that contain slow absorbing carbohydrates which are “healthy” type of carbohydrates.They digest slowly in our system and that way provide us with energy for longer period of time.They are also easy to prepare and can be eaten raw.With oats you can also make flour and oats milk.Oats pancakes too.I dont recommend that you buy instant oatmeals because they can contain added sugar and preservatives.

Canned tuna

canned tuna

Tuna is cheap healthy food because it contain good amount of proteins,healthy fats ( omega 3 ),minerals and vitamins.I recommend you to choose canned tuna with water,not with oil because the oil that is mostly used in those cans is soybean oil which is high in omega 6.Although canned tuna in water is not very tasty I recommend you to dress it with virgin olive oil and a little bit of  himalayan salt.You can also mix it with greek yogurt or homemade mayo.

Note : According to FDA pregnant woman,nursing mothers and young children should not consume more then 6 ounces of canned tuna weekly because some canned tuna contains traces of mercury.

Whey protein

Guys whey protein* is not only for bodybuilders and athletes,like I mentioned before protein is essential micronutrient for your body.I think whey protein is cheap healthy food because it is ideal for snack or when we don’t have time to prepare our meal.So let’s say if you get up in 6 AM in the morning and you need to be at your workplace in 6 : 30 you could easily
make smoothie with whey protein and other ingredients.Whey protein can be used like snack in work break.You can also add whey protein to brownies and oatmeal.



In my country banans can be also clasified like healthy cheap food.Although it is not recommeneded to eat them on daily basis because they have high glycemic fruit they are nutritional dense food which means that they contains minerals,fibers,vitamins
and have antioxidant activity.This means that fiber will slow down the absorption of carbohydrates so we wouldn’t have insulin spike.They are also rich in potassium which is one of essential minerals which is lost during sweating so bananas are also ideal food after any physical activity.I mostly eat bananas during the whole year but I must admit that I consume them very often in summer when I am making ice cream with them.I also add them to my smoothies.


When it comes to vegetables I think the cheap and healthy option ( althoug all vegetables are healthy ) are cucumebrs.Cucumbers is food with high water content and full of antioxidans,vitamins and minerals.My favourite salad also contains only three ingredients and those are cucumbers,tomatoes and onions.I also love the idea that you can peel them off
so you can lower the chances of eating pesticides.


Carrots are another cheap healthy vegetables.They are one of best sources of beta carotene,antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals.I make simple salad with them by mixing carrots and beets and adding olive oil and himalayan salt.Mmmm.



I list peanuts on my list of cheap and healthy food.Because I am most of the time paleo (80%) you can say the eating peanuts is like my cheat meal.But I like eating peanuts especially I like to make homemade peanut butter.Peanuts have rich nutritional
profile because they contain healthy fats,proteins and small amount of carbohydrates.The only thing that is not “good” about peanuts is tha they are acidic forming food so I wouldn’t recommend to eat them on daily basis.
I would also recommend you to avoid commercial peanut butter and make your own 😉

My list of cheap healthy food
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  • kamal

    Yes true this one is indeed a cheap n healthy food list..although there r certain more foods that u can add..

    • Yes you are right Kamal,but I just added my favourite ones 🙂

  • nearoffutt

    Oatmeal is also a heart healthy food. About two cups hot oatmeal with a dollop (3 tablespoons) of peanut butter replaced my other cold cereals. I dropped all seafoods, had already stopped eating pork and reluctantly gave up cigarettes. My cholesterol went from 330 to 56.

    • I am always glad to hear informations like that.I love oatmeal too 😉

  • Cynthia Robinson

    Add a heaping Tbsp of oat bran to your oatmeal if you have a cholesterol issue… my body is predisposed to high cholesterol so having this in my diet daily, keeps it where it needs to be.

    • I don’t know why but when I eat oat bran I have digestional problems.It might be too much dietary fiber in my diet.

  • Candice

    Whey protein is not good for you:(