Natural antibiotics

Natural antibiotics


Antibiotics nowdays are used more then they should.Because of that we have problems with digestive system and immunity,because immunity reduces the resistance to different kinds of infections.You could get rid of infection without disrupting the digestive system with these five natural “antibiotics”:



Garlic is used in medicine of different cultures of the world for thousands of years.Garlic is also used in 1700 years to combat the plague.Garlic possesses powerful antibacterial,antiviral and antimicrobial effect and it helps in removing unfriendly bacteria from our organism.[1,2] It is also a natural antioxidant that destroys free radicals and helps maintain a healthy immune system.Active ingredient in the garlic is allicin,which is a key component in fight the enemy bacterias.[3]

Crush onion in order to activate this component and eat it raw, in warm tea or in cooked meals.

garlic natural antibiotics

2.Colloidal silver water

Colloidal silver water is known as an antibiotic for centuries.In early 1900 years, Alfred Searle, who is founder of Searle pharmaceutical company discovered that silver water destroys even the most deadly bacteria.He discovered that drinking the silver water can lead to incredible benefits for human organism.The best benefit is that this water quickly destroys microorganisms without toxic effect for the organism.[4] Recent studies have shown that colloidal silver water destroys germs that are resistant to antibiotics such as MRSA,Avian influenza and SARS.[Alan B. G. Lansdown (27 May 2010). Silver in Healthcare: Its Antimicrobial Efficacy and Safety in Use. Royal Society of Chemistry. ISBN 978-1-84973-006-8. Retrieved 20 January 2013.]

3.The oil of wild oregano

Wild oregano destroys pathogens without disturbing the good bacteria.This oil have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity in what seems a powerful three in one performance,without the possibility of developing resistance.[5] The key ingredient in oil of wild oregano is carvacrol.In order to be effective you need to be sure to use wild oregano oil that contains at least 70% carvacrol.


Echinacea was used for years as a remedy for many infections.It is traditionally used for open wounds,diphtheria,blood poisoning and other diseases associated with bacteries.Today this herb is commonly used for colds and flu because of the ability to destroy the most dangerous forms of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, which causes the deadly MRSA.

Echinacea natural antibiotics

5.Raw organic honey

This is my favourite type of natural antibiotic because it is sweet.The raw honey can destroy a wide range of pathogenic bacteria, including MRSA and bacteria that consume tissue.During research scientists have come to the conclusion that the treated bacteria over time have not developed resistance which means that honey is very effective.


honey natural antibiotics
This is certainly not a list of all natural antibiotics, but it is a good start for a natural “pharmacy.”
Also valuable mentioning is the Reishi mushroom extract,olive leaf.cloves,turmeric and lemon which should be part of our natural “pharmacy”.

Natural antibiotics
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