People who drink coffee have healthier arteries

People who drink coffee have healthier arteries

A few cups of coffee a day can help prevent clogged arteries, which are one of the main factors of heart disease.Research conducted by Korean researchers included 25,000 respondents, who were subjected to routine health checks at their workplaces.

People who drank moderate amounts of coffee, three to five cups a day, depending on types of coffee were less likely to show signs of heart disease during the examination.

The entire course of the research and conclusions are published in the journal Heart and they re-launched the debate on the effects that coffee has on the health of the heart muscle.

The contradictory findings of many studies range from the fact that coffee causes high cholesterol and blood pressure – to the point that one of the favorite drinks strengthens and enhances the work of the heart muscle and is good for blood circulation.

During the research, the Korean scientists have scanned the heart, following coronary artery and eventual deposits of calcium in them, which is one of the first signs of heart disease.

The most common heart problems are caused by the accumulation of fat in the walls of coronary arteries, leading to blockages and cessation of blood flow.

Despite the fact that no one in the study had signs of heart disease, with one in ten were found calcium deposits. We compared the results of those who did not and those who consumed coffee,and we also included and factors associated with smoking, exercise, movement and a family history of the disease.

It was found that people who drink several cups of coffee a day have less calcium deposits in the coronary arteries than those who do not drink coffee.

People who drink coffee have healthier arteries
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