Scientists produced the antibiotic that kills all bacteria!

Scientists produced the antibiotic that kills all bacteria!

Scientists have discovered a new type of antibiotics that can destroy even the most dangerous bacterias!

Experts have discovered a new antibiotic,called teiksobaktin,which showed that is able to deal with the most dangerous bacterias,which began to acquire resistance to conventional antibiotics.

Although the research is still at an early stage, the discovery of a new class of antibiotics is great news.

Given that the development of new drugs in the past few decades was at a standstill and the resistance of microbes to existing poses an increasing threat to human health, we now have new hope – commented Dr. Richard Seabrook,frome the the British organization “Wellcome Trust”.

Tests conducted on animals have shown that ominous Mycobacterium tuberculosis (caused by tuberculosis) and Staphylococcus aureus (attack the skin and other tissues) responds well to treatment with teiksobaktin.

In contrast to the “old” antibiotics that target the protein inside bacteria,it has been shown that teiksobaktin binds to fat molecules in cell membranes to kill bacteria,ausing the collapse of this wall which completly destroy an aggressive microorganism.By targeting the molecules of fat the chances for bacteria to acquire resistance are very low,say scientists in this study published in the journal “Nature”.

Unfortunately,it is still not quite clear whether the teiksobaktin be as effective in humans so additional studies need to be done.

Scientists produced the antibiotic that kills all bacteria!
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