Scientists say there is a huge risk of cancer of using electronic cigarettes

Scientists say there is a huge risk of cancer of using electronic cigarettes

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Scientists have confirmed that fumes from electronic cigarettes still contain harmful chemicals that cause deadly form of lung cancer, but also other organs.

Electronic cigarettes contain chemicals that cause a deadly form of cancer, just like ordinary cigarettes,according a new study.

The latest study, which examined the health risks of inhaling the vapors of e-cigarettes, found that the vapors contain the same free radicals that are found in tobacco smoke.

Scientists were surprised when the find in vapour of electronic cigarettes chemicals that cause cancer.

We found that the impact of e-cigarettes on lungs isn’t neutral.

We looked at whether it increases the possibility of infection of the respiratory system and the answer is – yes – says Professor Shyam Bisvaj, an expert on lung diseases with “Johns Hopkins University”, which was also the author of the study.

Vapours from e-cigarettes reduced the ability of the mice to eliminate the bacteria and viruses from their lungs and viral infections has led to the loss of body weight, and even to death – said Dr. Susan Thomas, one of the researchers.

But there are also some good news for the consumers of the e-cigarettes and that is that the number of free radicals in these fumes are much lower then in tobacco smoke.

We were surprised how large was this number because with e-cigarette there is no combustion.It is still a large number of free radicals that can cause damage to cells – said Dr. Susan.

Free radicals are harmful molecules that cause serious damage to cells and DNA.

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