Scientists warn : This can shorten your life up to 20 years!

Scientists warn : This can shorten your life up to 20 years!

If you have problems with weight and you love food and sweets,read this article and the next time before you eat remind yourself of it.

Excessive weight and obesity can shorten your life up to eight years,says experts from McGill University,who discovered that,obese peopleĀ are more likely to suffer from diabetes and cardiovascular disease,exess weight could take away them almost 20 years of healthy life.

The most recent study on the impact of body weight on the life expectancy was published in the journal “The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology”.

Study leader Dr. Steven Glover and his colleagues used data collected from 2003 to 2010 to develop a computer model to assess the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in adults of different body weights.

These data related to the nearly 4,000 people were used for the analysis of how obesity shortens life and how much years of healthy life takes away.

Experts have concluded that very obese people can lose up to eight years and overweight up to six years.

They also found that in obese people the lose of healthy years is two to four times higher then in people with normal weight.

The results are clear,how much younger and heavier is the person the effect on the health is worse. – said Grover,adding that “in terms of life expectancy, being overweight is just as harmful as smoking.”

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