Side effects of whey protein

Side effects of whey protein(if you consume it too much)

whey protein

Got protein bro?

Consuming large amounts of whey protein can couse some side effects.

A healthy person needs about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.People who want to maintain or increase muscle mass use about 1gram per per kilogram of body weight,while the professional bodybuilders use 2 and even more grams per kilogram of body weight.

Many people make the mistake thinking that if they consume more proteins that they will build more muscle mass in a short time.But like every other food we should not exaggerate but use it in moderation.Even healthy food can become unhealthy if you use in excessive amounts.

Intestinal irritation

Although this is most probably linked to lactose,people who also don’t have lactose intolerance can experience the side effects like diarrhea and flatulence.

I think every one of us that gone too far with the use of whey protein have experienced this.Do not be surprised if you go to the toilet more often after using whey protein and if your stol becomes softer than before.

This usually happens when you consume milk with whey protein,so I recommend you to use whey protein with water,because you will have a less gasses,trust me.[1]

Kidney failure and kidney stones

kidney stone xrays

Xray from person that have kidney stones

A kidney stone is one of the most common side effects when using high amounts of whey protein.A kidney stone is actually deposits of calcium in your kidneys, which the body needs to get rid of.Otherwise cause of bone demineralization is uric acid.Our body produces more uric amount if you consume too much protein and you consume too little carbohydrates.[2]
People who suffered from this say that this is very painful process of releasing kidney stones through urine.[3]

Some studies also show that constant high protein intake can results in ejection large quantities of calcium through urine.[4] This is bad because our bones need calcium for healthy bones and teeth and calcium deficiency can cause osteoporosis.

Also high protein intake can cause problems in people who have renal disease.[5]


This occurs regulary especially in whey protein that contain higher amounts of milk sugar(lactose)


This will only happen if you use very small amount of carbonhydrates or you are on diet which is low in carbs and high in fat and proteins.Ketosis is the process when our body uses fat to produce energy not glucose which is our primary fuel for producing energy.In this situation you will fell less strong because body needs time to get used fat to be the primary source of energy.

If you are on such diet,increase your salt intake and eat at least 100 grams of carbonhydrates day.

Studies related to this topic are very controversial because some scientists believe that ketosis can lead to problems with liver,degradation of muscle tissue and if the body is longer period in ketosis ,kidney stones occur also.[6]

Lactose intolerance

Although whey proteins do not normally contain large amounts of lactose in some people even small amount is sufficient to experience symptoms.As a replacement I recommend white egg proteins or if you prefer whey then you should choose whey protein isolate which usually contains less lactose (about 1%) than the whey protein concentrate.

Oxidized cholesterol

Oxidized cholesterol arises when the cholesterol in food is exposed to oxygen at processing at high temperatures and/or after a long term storage.Protein powders are products which might contain this cholesterol.Research shows that oxidized cholesterol increases the chances of arterial atherosclerosis in rabbits.[7]

Added chemical additives

Most commercial protein powders contain artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame,Sucralose, MSG, which can cause various health problems.

Large quantities of a protein can also cause increased bowel movements,thirst, cramps, bloating, nausea, reduced appetite and headache.[8]

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Side effects of whey protein
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