Sugar and weight loss

Sugar and weight loss

weight loss and sugar

We all know that sugar is not the best choice when it comes to weight loss.But it is possible to consume sugar and lose weight? Yes,it is.

It is better to consume natural sugars

When it comes to sugar in fruits, fructose I can say that is is healthier version of white sugar because fruits beside sugar also contains minerals and vitamins,also dietary fiber that actually slow down the absrobtion of sugar in the blood.It is always better to consume bananas if you have desire to eat something sweet than pastry.

Eat sugar together with dietary fiber, protein and healthy fats

If not you can not stand to not eat sugar it is best to consume it together with dietary fiber, protein and healthy fats is these three nutrients slow down the absorption of sugar and consuming sugar in this way will not lead to rapid increase the level of insulin.So after this consumption of sugar you will not feel weak and hungry after 30 minutes.

Continuous consumption of foods with high amounts of sugar lead to inflammation of the body and can increase the risk of many disease.An example of consuming sugar in this way is eating peanut butter that contains sugar along with chicken and salad.If you just want to eat cake,then add more fruit in it and whey protein powder.

Consume sugar after exercise

The level of glycogen in the body after excercising is almonost empty and need to be complement.The best way to do it is by eating simple sugar which is very quickly absorbed into the blood.But that’s not the only advantage of the consumption of simple sugars after exercising.The high levels of insulin after exercising also allows faster flow of nutrients including protein in the muscles, which means that the recovery will be faster.

Consume cinnamon

Whether you eat cake or drink coffee,add cinnamon.Study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food came to the conclusion that adding cinnamon to any type of food helps reduce the amount of sugar in the blood after you have not eaten for some time.This can help you in weight loss by reducing insulin resistance that can “add” you some pounds.

Use honey,stevia and coconut sugar

In my opinion these are the best and most healthiest replacemnt for white sugar.If you must use sugar, then use stevia, honey or coconut sugar.Stevia and coconut sugar has a low glycemic index,while honey had higher glycemic index but it has rich nutritional profile.

Sugar and weight loss
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