The best “painkiller” before and after surgery – music!

The best “painkiller” before and after surgery – music!

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The analysis of 72 studies, which covered about 7,000 people, a group of British scientists has shown that patients operated on with the music were less afraid,had less pain after surgery and they took fewer analgesics than those who were not under the “effect” of music.

Listening to music before, during and after surgery has a beneficial effect on patients as they reduce fear and pain and speeds recovery, according to a study published in the British medical journal “The Lancet” (The Lancet), reports Tanjug.

The impact on pain and fear was visible regardless of whether the music is listened before, during or after the surgery,but the best results was showed when the music was listening before the procedure.

Soothing proved to be all kinds of music, more than 4,000 titles, although the study authors point out that the a slight advantage had the music that patients chose themselves.

However, as experts say, the music did not affect how much time will patients spend in hospital.

According to one of the included studies, conducted by researchers at the hospital “John Radcliffe” in Oxford, patients are more relaxed, easier to bear the pain and recover faster from surgery to the melodies of Beethoven, Vivaldi and Frank Sinatra.

The best “painkiller” before and after surgery – music!
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