The most common genetically modified foods (You consume number 1. more then you think)

The most common genetically modified foods (You consume number 1. more then you think)



Many foods contain soy and most of it is genetically modified.Statistics at the moment show that about 93% of soybeans is US are generically modified.You can find soy under the following names : soy flour, soy lecithin, soy protein.Many products contain soy derivatives:Vitamin E pills, tofu, cereal, Veggie burgers, soy sausage, tamari, soy sauce, chips, ice cream, frozen yogurt,protein powder, margarine, soy cheese, crackers, bread, cookies, chocolates, sweets, fried foods, shampoo, cosmetics, enriched flour,
pasta, and even some shampoos.

Research in Egypt has indicated that the rats that were fed GMO soy had a lethal amount of toxicity in the kidneys, liver, testicles, semen, blood and DNA.1

Soy also increases the Soy also increases the body’s need for vitamin D, and therefore the companie add toxic Vitamin D2 in soybean milk.Although many people think that soy contains vitamin B12, it is actually a compound like vitamin B12 which can’t be used by our body.

According to a study conducted at the Russian Academy of Sciences GMO soybeans may be associated with infant mortality and inability to conceive.In the study of two year hamster,biologist Alexey V. Surov and colleagues found that after three generations, most hamsters that were fed with GMO’s have lost the ability for reporduction.Also the research show that hamsters that were fed with GMO have higher mortality in infants.

Soy also contains antinutrients and enzyme inhibitors that can block enzymes like trypsin needed for protein digestion.



This plant is the most common crop grown in the United States but the 88% of corn is genetically modified.In food you can find it like : corn flour, corn starch, corn oil, corn syrup.

lles-Eric Seralini, molecular endocrinologist at the University of Caen says that GMO corn leads to inflammation of that body which lead to problems with liver and kidneys, the organs that are most important for detoxification.

The research in Austria in 2008 shows that the rats that were fed with GMO were produced fewer and smaller children than those that were not fed with GMOs.2

I think the situation is quite clear.Avoid corn or buy it from safe sources such as organic stores.

3.Canola oil

This is the cheapest oil that can be produced and therefore it is the most commonly used in processed foods.

This oil is partially hydrogenated oil and no studies are done that it is safe for using.

There is a wide range of products containing canola derivatives such as processed foods, potato chips, crackers, cereals, frozen foods, canned soups, sweets,bread, humus and a little oil mixture.

The best alternative for cooking is organic unrafined coconut oil and / or organic unrafined olive oil.

4.Sugar beets

Sugar beets are used for the production of sugar, but this sugar can cause serious health problems if coming from GMO origin.If the label does not say food “cane sugar” then it is most likely that sugar is from sugar beets.

Example of foods that contain sugar from sugar beet: cookies, cakes, ice cream, donuts and baked goods, candy, juice and yogurt.

The best natural sweetener, honey or coconut sugar.



You should avoid this artificial sweetener that is promoted like healthier and low calorie alternative for sugar.Not only that is have bad effect on our immune system and can cause behavioral problems in children,but also it is produced by genentic modification.You can find aspartame in soft drinks,dietary food and fruit yogurt.

U knjizi Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by James and Phyllis Balch aspartame is listed into the category “chemical poison.” which is not far from the truth.

People who consumes aspartame on daily basis can have problems with memory loss,fatigue,sleep problems,anxiety attacks,depression,nausea,abdominal pains,headaches/migraines,vision problems and asthma/chest tightness.


Cows are today injected with all sorts of hormones and one of them is genetically modified bovine growth hormone (rBGH), better known as Posilac.Specifically, these hormones are changing the composition of the milk so that reduce the short-chain fatty acids and increase the long-chain fatty acid levels, which represents a problem for cardiovascular health.

Also the problem with rBGH milk is that it can contain 20 times more the insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) then regular milk. FDA recognized this and also said that that this level is increased with 70% with process of pasteurization.

Elevated levels IGF-1 increases the risk of breast cancer for 7 times, colon cancer by 5 times, and cancer of the prostate by 5% which is shown in many studies.

Due to its harmful effects rbGH milk is banned in Canada, 29 EU countries, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

The most common genetically modified foods (You consume number 1. more then you think)
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