Why do we need magnesium

Why do we need magnesium

Magnesium is an important mineral in human body.There is 17 minerals that are essential for human life,and 10 of them make 99% of mineral content of body,in this group is also magnesium.But today we have lack of this
mineral in the human body due to poor diet.In fact,did you know that 68% of Americans do not get recommended daily intake of this mineral?[1]

Magnesium regulates approximiatelly approximately 325 enzymes in the body, including bone mineralization,subselects muscle contraction,and is an important carrier of nerve impluse down the entire body.But its most important role is to help body to create ATP (adenosine triphosphate),which is the basic type of energy source of the body.
So if you think logically,without magnesium there is no ATP,with no ATP there is no energy and without energy there is no life.When the body has a deficiency of this mineral there is higher risk of getting diabetes,osteoporosis,heart diseases.

Why is magnesium so important?

Today modern way of living contributes to lack of magnesium.Statistics show that 80% of western population have deficiency of this mineral.One of the many factors of this is lack of magnesium in the soil which is coused by acid rain, soil erosion, etc.
This results magnesium deficiency in crops that usually have magnesium
such as green vegetables, seeds and nuts because they can’t preduce it.So if there is a little magnesium in the soil where they grow there will be also low amount of it in crops too.
Todays processed food contains very small amounts of magnesium because it is lost during the refining and processing.

Fluoridation of water also has a bad effect for absorbtion of the magnesium in the body.When flour get into the body together with magnesium it forms magnesium fluoride,which is totally useless for our body and therefore it leads to decrease in activity in the body.

Other important issues that affect the magnesium deficiency are medications, stress, drugs, soybeans and excessive exercise.

why do we need magnesium

Did you know that almonds,brazilian nuts and cashew are excellent source of magnesium?

Why magnesium deficiencies occur?

If you can afford organic foods it is good.Also you should eat raw vegatables that is not heat-treated because that can couse a significant loss of nutrients.Almonds,brazilians nuts and cashew are also foods that are high in magnesium.One of the food that have significant amount of magnesium is chocolate,but I am not speaking about those milk chocolates,that are full of sugar and have low percentage of raw cocao,I am talking about the chocolates that contains higher percentage of raw cocao.Best example of this is premenstrual syndrome.In the period of premenstrual period women generally have a craving for chocolate.Many woman if they read this,will say,his sister must told him this 🙂 hehe but no.

Other foods rich in magnesium is

Beans, peas, and soybeans
Whole-grain cereals


Consuming high amounts of magnesium through food is safe, but excessive use of supplements can be toxic.These are some of doses that we recommend for daily use :
-65 Mg for children aged 1-3 years
-110 Mg for children aged 4-8 years
-350 Mg for children older than 9 years and adults

People who usually have magnesium deficiency are
People who have kidney disease
Crohn’s disease
Have parathyroid problems
Are using drugs for diabetes and cancer
Older people
People who consume too much alcohol


There are two forms of magnesium supplementation.You can use pills or transdermal spray that you apply to skin.If you are taking magnesium orally be sure to use it in form of magnesium citrate because that is the best form.Most cheap form is magnesium oxide.Using transdermal magnesium spray will get into your bloodstream faster than the use of tablets because tablets
must pass through the digestive system before they are absorbed.Transdermal spray is concetrated magnesium chloride in water.My choice are tablets but it is up to you to decide what suits best for you.I use magnesium an hour or two before bedtime because I think I sleep alot better if I do like that.

Are there any risks of taking magnesium supplements?

Supplements of magnesium can often cause cramps, nausea and diarrhea.If you want to avoid or substantially reduce the chances
for these side effects I recommend you to slowly increase the dosing.So lets say first week you take 100mg,next 200mg and so on.Dont be suprised if you end up in toilet first take of taking it because you started with 350mg dose.People who use diuretic antibiotics or medicines for the heart should not use magnesium supplementation without consulting with their doctor firstly.This also applies to people who have kidney disease,heart disease,bowel problems
and diabetes.Signs of excessive use of magnesium supplements may be low blood pressure,diarrhea,nausea,fatigue,muscle weakness, etc.
A very large quantity of magnesium can be fatal for your health.

Which magnesium supplement to buy

Because there are too many magnesium supplemnts I recommend you to choose your magnesium supplements on your own from IHerb.

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Resources : http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/supplement/magnesium

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Why do we need magnesium
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  • I didn’t know excessive exercise could lead to magnesium deficiency. What a fascinating article. I love having Epsom salt baths, which apparently can help with magnesium levels as well as relax the body x

    • Glad you learned something new Cybele,I need to try Epsom salt too 😉

  • Glad you learned something new Cybele,I need to try Epsom salt too 😉

  • Дарко Рунчев

    Mg is also one of the most important minerals in the human brain responsible for our concentration. Lack of magnesium can cause concentration issues & the symptoms might be; feeling depersonalisation, lost, sclerosis etc… beautiful post buddy.

    • Yeah Darko,magnesium indeed have alot of functions in human body.Thank you for stoping by.