Why is exercise important

Why is exercise important

why is exercise important

Any type of exercise is good for your body!


Better sexual life

If you improve your fitness level you will have more desire for sexual activity.
If you feel tired all the time physical activity can also improve you energy levels and your look,which can have positive effect on your sex life.Also this study show that exercise can prevent problems with erectile dysfunction man.[1]

This applies to woman too,the exercise can improve sexual arousal for woman.
sexual arousal.[2] With good physical performance you will also be able to realize your “fantasies” and your esteem will be recognized in your every move.

Better mood

Optimal minimum recommended dose of half-hour physical activity will make you happy.Good athletic capacity will remove all the unwanted symptoms of laziness and lost of interest in basic amenities.Smile will be part of your recognition.
Only after several weeks of regular exercise you will improve powerful hormones of happiness,addiction that is hard to get rid off.Exercise stimulates the production of endorphins,which are classified like hormones of happiness.Because
of that any type of exercise can couse release of these neurotransmitters that make you feel good.Not just that,the stimulation of this endorphins also make you fell euphoric,they also decrease your appetite improve your immune system and also stimulates different sex hormones.Because of all this they can help you combat the stress.[2,3] Thinking of antidepressants when you are not in the mood?I have better solution.Go out and exercise.[4]

Better Health

Increased physical activity will certainly help to prevent,and in some cases to reserve some life-threatening conditions.If you exercise just three days a week you can lower the chances of fallowing diseases and conditions brain stroke [5,6], metabolic syndrome [7], cardiovascular disease [8],diabetes [9,10], arthritis [11], cancer [12,13,14] heart disease[15], and many others.
Optimal physical stress is harmless and safe “vaccine” that we should should receive early enough so it can be a great protection for long and quality life.

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest 
of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.” ― Hippocrates

Better control of weight

The best method to control weight along with the diet is exercise.I recommend any type of exercise but my favourite is HIIT.But you can do any type of exercise you like,because exercise burn calories.I mention HIIT because it is know to burn most calories.And controling weight as you know can lower the risk of some diseases.

Building muscle mass,burn fat and lose weight

Resistance training help you build muscles.

And muscles burn more calories then fat.So actually if you increase your muscle mass you will also increase your metabolism.Allthough all types of exercise is good for burning fat the best method is HIIT (oh I know guys I am very boring with this hiit 🙂
But my obligation is to explain why is HIIT training better for fat burning,first of all HIIT training burn more calories then any other exercise and this type of training also increase EPOC “after burn” effect.This type of exercise increase resting metabolic rate 24 hours after the training [16] And you can see that this studies also show that HIIT is more eficient for fat loss [17,18] Also the natural process that occur is also sarcopenia,which means that our body is loosing muscle as we age(after 25 years
with rate of 0.5 to 1%).The lack of exercise can increase the risk of sarcopenia.[19]
Because excerise can increase protein synthesis this leads to conclusion that it increases muscle strenght too.[20]

Better sleep

Did you know that people who exercise regulary also sleep better? [21] Because most of studies are made on persons that dont have problems with sleeping this study also show that people with insomnia can improve sleeping with exercise [22] But still avoid to exercise before going to bed,exercise atleast 3 hours before going to bed.

Exercise is fun

Exercise time should be fun time,not something that you “need” to do.It is better to help with friend or in a group because of that you will have better motivation.If you want to exercise alone then be sure to change the type of exercise you do couse if you do one type of exercise all the time it can be boring after a while.When I say exercise I also mean on dance classes,yoga,workout in a gym,martial arts classes(BJJ) or
any type of physical activity.Also I would recommend you to find something that you love so you can actually enjoy while exercising.

Exercise it is good for kids also

Studies show that exercise improves behavoiral in kids with ADHD.The study actually show that exercise can improve focus and prevent distraction in these kids.
This is of great help for this children,because “inhibitory control” is the biggest problem faced by these children.[23,24]Studies show that exercise can improve body composition and this is actually very important because it it important where will be fat stored on our body.After 9 months of study between kids who exercise and dont exercise results show that kid that exercise improved fitness level and had less body fat(especially abdomen fat which can increase risk of some diseases.)The kids in group that exercise had moderate physical activity 5 days a week for about 70 minutes,just to note 😉 [25]


Can improve bone density which means better bone health

Bones serve as a support for the body, so it is very important to keep them healthy and strong.Bones are constantly breaking down and rebuilding in tiny amounts.Before of the age of 30 the body regenerates bone fast, when we reach peak bone mass (allthough this can vary from person to person),but after 30 years of age,our body loses balance, and this leads to bone loss year after year by approximately 1%.[26,27]
And actually you increase risk of osteoporosis if you live a sedentary lifestyle.
[28] Woman also have increased bone loss after menopause because estrogen levels decrease.But resistance training (weight lifinting) can prevent that.[29]


This study compared the bone density in women from college with different body weights and physical activity levels.They concluded that women who exercise and have lower body weight have higher bone density.[30]

What type of excerise is good bone mineral density?

Resistive training is good.[31] Aerobic and resistance training is good also.[32,33]
This study shows that women between 25 and 50 years of age who hop at least 10 times twice a day, with 30 seconds between hop,have increased bone density of the hip after 4 months.[34] I recommend you doing HIIT excerises if you are already fit,but these types of excerise will also finish the job

HIIT is especially good for your bones because it increase stimulation of growth hormone [35] which can increase bone density[36,37].

Weight Training
Jump Training
Stair Running
Body Weight Exercises
Jump Roping

But remeber one thing,less is more
Duration of you excerise should be 30 to 60 minutes
Resistance exercise(weight lifting) 2 to 3 times per week
Intensity—moderate to high

I have bad news about bicycling and swimming because they are usually not consider like excerises that can increase mineral bone density.Here is the study that show that professional cyclists have lower bone density during this type of excerise.[38]

Citation from this study also conclude :

“In summary, cycling may not be as beneficial to bone health as running and other weightbearing activities.
Cycling does not appear to be more detrimental to bone health than a sedentary lifestyle, and it is beneficial for cardiovascular health. It is unclear whether an inverse dose response relationship exists between optimal bone health and volume of cycling.”

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases also states that swimming is not best type of excerise for better bone density.[39]But the is a study that show that swimming is better then not excerising at all.[40] You can also see that this study made a systematic review how swimming affect bone tissue concluded that swimming doesn’t have negative affect on bone mass.[41]

Improves breathing

Exercise can help strengthen the muscles that are responsible for opening the lungs so that can oxygen enter and eject carbon dioxide out.[42] Exercise also improves the efficiency with which oxygen enters the the cells of our body because it has a positive impact on our aerobic capacity.[43,44]And this is very easy to test.You must have some friend that dont excersice,just challange him to run for 2 minutes he will soon have problem with catching a breath,but person who excercise will dont have this problem because of better breathing capacity.

Boosts memory

Research shows that brain neurons (special type of cells), which help us to think,move, perform body functions and even improve memory,are improved after just a few weeks of exercise.[45] Study, which used an MRI machine to measure the amount of brain tissue in adults 55 years and older,shows that physical activity reduces the risk of loss of brain tissue in areas that are intended for thinking and memory.[46,47] There is also evidence that regular excercise during the life can reduce risk of dementia.[48]

It prevent cold

Nobody wants to be sick and excercise can help in this too.This recent research shows that people who exercise regularly have 50% less chances to get a cold then people who dont exercise.[49]

Conclusion : You can see that they are many health benefits of exercise,so start today 🙂

Why is exercise important
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